rostfritt stål kolstål järnfiber laser skärmaskin 500 watt fabrikspris till salu

Rostfritt stål Kolstål Iron Fiber laser skärmaskin 500Watts fabrikspris till salu


Fiberlaser skärmaskin has high quality beam, high reliability, good optical mode, high top power, smooth incision, good perpendicularity, it is a special cutting machine, which is suitable for stainless steel,carbon steel, Copper, Aluminum, Mo to cut and punch, the cutting speed and incision are both high level, CYPCUT program can process any graphics and text, running stably, good processing quality, high efficiency, good precision, easy operation, convenient maintenance.


500W Fiber laser source

* Auto Focusing Head from US

*Laser Power Supply

* High Precision Water cooling system

* Z- float Laser Cutting head

*High Precision Ball Screw CNC Worktable1.2*1.2M

*NcEditor Laser Cutting software and control Card

*Yaskawa driver from Japan

*Fume Extraction and Dust Collector System

*Air- dryer and Compressor (Optional)

Laser rated power: 500W

Laser wave length: 1070nm

Laser work material: fiber

Pulse frequency: 1-50Hz

Cutting format: 1200×1200mm

Z axis travel: 100mm

Top load of worktable: 200kg

Work current: 100-200A

Pulse width: 0.1-2ms

Beam divergence angle: ≤5mrad

Power instability ≤±5%

Accuracy: 0.05mm

Location speed: 18m / min

Cutting speed: 9m/ min(1mm stainless steel plate)

Top cutting speed: 8m/min(1mm carbon Steel with O2)

Repeat location precision: ±0.1mm

Cutting thickness:


carbon steel plate≤5.0mm



Continuous work time: 24h

Minimum cutting width ≤0.1mm(material thickness 1mm)

Cutting worktable: Servo motor table ball screw CNC table

The whole power cost:10KW

Focusing mirror configuration: 3inch

Power supply:




1. Utmärkt strålekvalitet: Mindre fokusdiameter och hög arbetseffektivitet, hög kvalitet.

2. High cutting speed: Cutting speed is more than 12m/min

3. Stabil drift: Antagande av världens importfiberlasrar, stabila prestanda, viktiga delar kan nå 100 000 timmar;

4. Hög effektivitet för fotoelektrisk omvandling: Jämför med CO2-laser skärmaskin, fiber laser skärmaskin har tre gånger fotoelektrisk konvertering effektivitet.

5. Låg kostnad: Spara energi och skydda miljön. Den fotoelektriska omvandlingsfrekvensen är upp till 25-30%. Låg elektrisk energiförbrukning, det är bara cirka 20% -30% av den traditionella CO2-laserskärningsmaskinen.

6. Låg underhåll: Fiberlinjeöverföring, behöver inte reflektera lins, spara underhållskostnader;

7. Enkla funktioner: Fiberlinjeöverföring, ingen justering av optisk väg;

8. Superflexibla optiska effekter: Kompakt design, kompakt och lätt till flexibel tillverkningskrav.


It is used widely on advertising signs production, sheet metal structures, production of high and low voltage electrical cabinet, textile machinery parts, kitchen, auto, machinery, metal technics, saw, electrical parts, glasses, spring, PCB, electrical kettle, medical microelectronics, hardware, tools, etc.

Suitable material: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copperplate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium, etc metal plates and pipes.

Technical Support

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1.Q:What is the warranty of the machine?

A:Questt Lasers have a warranty for 1-2 years.

2.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A:ACCUR is a factory for 22 years.Got import and export License.

3.Q:How about the quality?

A:ACCURL Lasers Technology is from Germany.High quality best price.

4.Q:What is your after-sale service?

A:If needed,ACCURL offer door to door service !we can send engineers to your factory for assembling ,adjusting and training!

5.Q:How do i get technical support after purchasing?

A:Questt Lasers offer online service in English through Skype,WhatsAPP,Wechat or Email etc .If need remote operation,we can use TeamViewer software.